The price for seduction


The question I always ask to men is: which is the role of seduction even when you pay for sex?

Wh at are you really paying for? Sex or seduction?

The answer is always seduction.

No matter if you are an escort, a night club dancer, a model, a sex operator, you always are called to raise those emotions and to touch those cords deep in someone’s soul to awake his desire and lead him to action.

Action is spending money to hire you.

Action is giving money and time to you.

It is not a merely issue of body or of genital sex. The job is about seduction. It goes on fashion, beauty, dreams.

Until you find yourself among all those beautiful women showing booties, mouths, lingerie you do not understand the real competitive issue.

What are you really paying for? What is that you really wish when you look for an escort?

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