Home Wellness

The first place where your soul has to live, is your body.

Then your body has to live in your home.

Then your body has to go outside in the world to meet people in offices or wherever it is your working place.

As a Wellness coach I created, at the beginning to fulfill my personal fitness needs, a training method, the BodyandSoulFit integrating traditional sports and fitness at 40% while training the 60% with yoga (power, vinyasa, hatha) and EnchancedYoga, a specific style for muscles maintenance and growth.

When your need to be fit is deep and rooted inside you, the truth is you can not wait the gym or the swimming pool to open. You can not pray the sky to give you the sun to go out with your bike.

You can not wait.

You want to do what is necessary to you at any time and in any place you need it.

Therefore, you start thinking to wellness strategies home based. Yes, you create at your home your personal wellness and fitness corner, then you call the trainer you mostly like or you subscribe to a fitness series and you start practising at home.

Wellness starts there, within your body and home.

Wellness starts from within, then you will find it outside. If you really want to step into a wellness way, you need to create a wellness area in your intimate places, where your body moves and your soul expresses, social sites included. You need to become exclusive, pay for your privacy, pay for your pleasures and leave outside anybody or anything that may compromise this new relationship with envy or sado attitudes.

I developed a style for muscles growth on a yoga flow for mobility, ideal for those days when you really want to “push”‘ without the need of jumping up and down as a frog or with a rope or going out running km on the street compromising your knees.

Doing fitness at home is absolutely comfortable and puts you in touch with the most intimate part of your soul.

If you want to check out my website focused on wellness, where I am publishing also cooking strategies, please connect to away-to-wellness.com. Soon, a book on wellness strategies will be available.

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