Erotic dreams for sale, n.1

Dear Lovable Client,

Please read here my new approach to sex.

As I am constantly assessing an increasing lack of phantasy in men’s world, I will write here my erotically dreamed scenarios and you can candidate to realize them and live the dream with me.

Maybe you are too busy on your work to think about a nice situation and when you think to sex you only desire either normal sex or strange, extreme, compensatory situations. It may happen you do sex as a stress management tool, rather than a wellness moment.

For this reason, I will describe some exciting scenario and, if you feel attracted by the situation and me, you can candidate to realize my erotic dream.

If you can not afford my dreams, please, be so kind not to judge or criticise and bring the respect you bring to a car, a boat or any luxury equipment you can not afford.

My erotic dreams are all very simple, as excitement is raised by nuances. Details matter. Details make the dream an unforgettable situation, a memory, a moment in paradise, a getting lost in the jungle of the Self.

Please, consider that I am a 40 years old young lady, never married, always very active, without signs of bad experience, but rich of experiences from living in various cities and from living alone most of the time. Consider that I love accuracy and unique situations, usually accessible only by money. You will pay in advance for the reservation of the dream, then, you will let me find the outstanding amount of money at the reception of the hotel, in closed envelope inside a bouquet, so that we will give attention only to body when we meet.

My body is sophisticated. Medium height, perfect weight, sculpted, naturally feed, with soft skin, sweet perfume and no sweating tendency. My body is naturally conceived for pleasure. I am not perfect, but my defects match harmoniously as the nuances of natural pearls.

The first erotic scenario is very simple but definitely very comfortable.

As I love taking care of my body, as I love oils, creams on my body, and nice light sophisticated food, you simple have to book one the most luxury rooms with Spa and view on the city.

Then you should ask the restaurant to prepare and rich plate with lobster, shrimps and oysters, perimetered by never-ending exotic vegetables and fruits of the best quality, as I have a preference for exotic tastes rather than Mediterranean. I love the sweet hydration of those magic fruits and I love the tough tenderness of shellfishes.

Then, please, a great bottle of white wine to let me smile, as I love sparkling sensation, a light water and a dry martini with Bordiga rose scented.

Please, do not forget salmon, avocado and pomegranate as after sex I become hungry and need my noble protein and juice to feel fulfilled.

Then, please have a bath while waiting for me.

Put some music you like, light some scented candles, have a relaxing drink and start waiting for me. Leave on the bed the lingerie you will want me to wear for you and the nail lacquer too. Please, only Dior or Chanel.

I will arrive. You will open the door with a kimono. We will say very few words. I will go directly to the bed, undress and wear the @lingerie you bought for me.

You will offer me some sparkle wine and shrimps to celebrate.

You will be authorized to touch me to verify that you made a good choice. Only some caresses up to now.

You will sit on the bed and watch me while I put the colour you wish on my natural nails. You will assist to the transformation, while teasing me.

You will try to make me make mistakes feeding me. For sex, you will have to wait the lacquer dried. The lacquer will be arbiter and decide when sex can start.

You will be kindly requested to adore my body, to appreciate all muscles and nuances you will see and to caress it very delicately.

You can massage my body with oils or with food. You can eat fruit and lobster on my belly, then you will take an oyster and put it on my “love door” to suck both together and appreciate the sophisticated wild taste.

Your body will be cleaned from unuseful hair and your skin will be sensible to oils and caresses and will get lost on my body even before having sex.

We will continue to caress and eat until our skin will have the same smell, the same taste and we will naturally desire to exchange bodies.

You will have to wear protection. If you do not love it, you can still realize the dream, as I will take care of your final wellness.

After sex, I will caress you until you sleep, then I will go away.

If you feel you would find pleasure in realising my erotic dream, please pay the first contact with PayPal as evidence of your interest.

Wish you all the best,


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