IT: Benvenuti. Per chi preferisce l’italiano, vi prego di collegarvi subito al mio blog BodyandSoulFit. In cui spiego i servizi di benessere per il corpo. Per vedere un mio video amatoriale e sentire la mia voce, collegarsi a Vimeo ad EnhancedYoga per Italiani.

La mia voce.

Per I servizi di compagnia artistica collegarsi ad Amanda Nike Personal Services. Per I servizi di yoga e personal trainer, collegarsi ad EnhancedYoga.

Virtual interview


Life is one and life is now.

It is time to give price even to solitude and sex as one of the most needed source of emotions.

How much would you pay for Your pleasure?

You can choose:

1) standard escort service,

2) customised entertainment.

The Ideal Client is challenging, generous, classy, ironic, sporting, open minded, business oriented. He likes speaking of everything, is respectful and understands the basics of economy.

Tax issues: VAT number at disposal.

If you are looking for sex as a sanitary treatment, this is not the right place. Please call an agency or one of the many sexy girls publishing naked bodies on other sites.

Solitude is only a matter of circumstances and you have the right to someone, but if you can not afford it or need to negotiate my rates, then you’d better commit to a stable relationship with a lovely regular woman or ask directly to other women.


I will come to your location in Rome within 3 hours from the call and simply “do the job” as many men would say. Normal feminine dresses and heels.

Basic price starting from 150 euro for yoga, 250 for massage, 500 euro for sex. Three hours: 800. All night up to 5: 1200. All night up to breakfast: 1500. Only 4-5 stars hotel with spa and gym. Please pay reservation of 50 euro with PayPal. Please, respect the job. Time is precious.

I am not available for everybody as I am an experienced lady with university degree, a writer, a model and wellness coach. I will understand from your voice and way to speak if you are eligible client. Reservation is necessary.

SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT: swing clubs, private dancers, group, private parties, professional girlfriend, executive assistant. Event starting from 800 euro.

As actors, I really can change my aspect surprisingly and this is the nice part of my job. My classic and athletic body allows me to choose, to choose for you. Take the time to imagine my body as per your pleasure. Give me the possibility to really please you. Inspire your desire with my body.

Three hours: 800. All night up to 5: 1200. All night up to breakfast: 1500. Only 4-5 stars hotel with spa and gym. Special clothes and special sex starting from 800. Group and couples starting from 800. Prices net of Vat. Travel expenses included under 100 km. No hard BSM. Superstars, intrepreneurs, billionaires are kindly required to behave income consistently and add no.1 zero or make gifts, for instance paying the requested luxury equipment.

Night 1200 euro starting from 23.00 to 5.00.

Phone call conversations 60 euro 1 hour. Other companionship services: from personal driving to personal shopping, document management, baby and pet sitter, starting from 70 euro per hour.

Weekend: 1 night per 2 days 1900 euro.

Weekend: 2 nights per 3 days 3000 euro.

ITA: La vita è una. Compagnia intima a partire da cinquecento euro per incontri occasionali. Relazione telefonica da 60 euro l’ora. Altri servizi di assistenza personale a partire da 70 euro/h.

Weekend a partire da 1500 euro.

After fifteen years as executive for top management in leading companies, I found the heart to come out of the comfort zone and start up as an artistic escort, and wellness coach.

No long chatting, please. Short exhaustive messages welcome, then, if you feel like choosing my companionship, please reserve with advance payment

E-mail me: amandanike7@gmail.com , amanda@chim.site

Payments on PayPal.me/chimart or PostePay, or Western Union, any payment accepted.

Please consider my selfie as a proof of evidence of consistency. You will never get less than what you see. You can only get more and be happily suprised

Check my amatorial video and pictures. You can not get less than what you see. You can get more, not less.

Coaching calls

Pochi minuti per ispirare la tua fantasia. Only a few minutes to find your body way to soul and inspire your mind


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