Five qualities for your escort

Dear Potential Lovers, Please, disclose to me the top five qualities that the ideal escort should have. Please, state your age, nationality, main interest and main reason why you would pay for an escort and indicate the top 5 search criteria, such as age, part of body, dresses, culture, manner. Be as specific as you [...]

Sexy between Europe and US

It is clear from movies the difference in sexy between US and Italy and Europe. Americans are very honest and pure in their passion. They are a melting pot, learned respect in the street and sexual harrassement is something serious to them. On the contrary, Europe is the capital of decadence and "voyerism", therefore cinematography [...]

Does explicitness kill sex?

Mi capita spesso di conoscere uomini interessati a me, che non fanno il "grande passo": offrirmi qualcosa per continuare la conversazione in privato. Su internet diventano apparentemente forti, ma quando si tratta di pagare la prenotazione accampano scuse. Non capisco il problema: 1) se fossi una "donna normale" dovrebbero comunque invitarmi a cena per sedurmi, [...]