Kama sutra or West love?

As a yoga practitioner and a middle age lady, I can understand both way of loving.

There are differences, deep and big differences as a matter of fact.

The oriental way towards pleasure (kama) is a very long way, passing through philosophy as it happens with martial arts and fine arts.

They train their body and soul through yoga asanas awakening the erotic energy (kundalini) very slowly and from deep inside, without technology, without aggressive strength. Shibari itself (the erotic practice with ropes) comes from Japan.

As a matter of fact, they train their body to join together in all positions, helps and strengthened by breathing. Certain position are breathtaking on their own, without sex, I can imagine what would happen with sex.

During this long training, man and woman have to wait for each other and, in a certain way, fall in love. Time is on their side. Time, rituals (mudra) leads to kama and tantra.

In the West World, we are fascinated by technology, speedness, efficiency, performance.

It goes without saying that sex is affected by this different way of living and of loving. Western humankind has less time for everything and is excited by extreme performances, as a consequence, instead of martial arts and yoga, it has sports, fitness and bodybuilding.

Yoga is now spread also in the western world with a more crossfit or therapeutical approach. Sex within the western world is emotionally more intense and varied in terms of roles (we have extreme expressions such as BSM, car sex, fisting, dogging).

It is also technologically imprinted by aesthetic surgery and pharmaceuticals or healing. Inspirational music and dancing are very different. We have lap dance they have belly dance.

Beauty is different. The Western world tends to love preferably muscles, strength, definition, while the East loves flexibility and harmony more than muscle and strength.

All this said. There’s a right time for everything. It is important to find the right sex professional.