When you face an escort, consider that she is as any other professional: she does a job that she has chosen and strives to do it with pleasure, but she does it for money, as any other job. You are not facing a “normal” woman searching seduction, nor a prostitute limiting to sex genitals job. You are facing someone who decided to make business with emotions, including intimate ones.

Do you accept gifts?

Yes, as any other person I accept gifts, but not in place of remuneration.

Do I have to pay to talk with you?

Yes, of course, many people are regularly paid for conversation: dj, customer care, commercial marketing, psychologists.

If you feel intrigued by this blog and wish to hear my voice, you have to pay 60 euro. We can talk of any issue you may like. An escort is good at conversation and has a high level of education.

Can I see more pictures?

Yes, if these pictures are not enough, you can ask me specific pictures. Each photo has a price as it will be taken expressly upon your request. Prices may vary from 150 to 2000 euro or more depending on your request. You will h ave no right of reproduction as the pictures will be intended for your private pleasure only. You will be directed to a webpage where you will insert a password to see the pictures, after having given your personal details.

No pictures for anonymous people. Non disclosure gentlemen agreement by exchanging personal details.

Please, submit your request and I will give you a quotation: bodysoulways@gmail.com