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If you like my body landscape and want to see more, please subscribe and I will give you access to a private page. Fill in the form and declare you will make private use only. Pictures will be available on: Se il mio corpo fin qui è piaciuto, a richiesta darò accesso ad una pagina privata con foto e pose erotiche. Compilare il form qui sotto e dichiarare che si farà un uso soloper privato delle foto, non saranno in alcun modo rielaborate o messe in circolo.


The body way to soul can not disregard any of the five senses.

No matter which one is stronger in you, educate and enhance the others.

As I am based in Rome, I can provide you with any useful information on the best spa and wellness resorts, booking for you and picking you up directly at the airport.


I will be more than happy to relax with you in any of the luxury gym or spa, such as theQC Terme Resort near the Airport or the Parco dei Principi in the heart of Parioli, near Via Veneto, Villa Mercede near the hills of Frascati, St.Peter on the ancient Aurelia in Crowne Plaza

If you are looking for elegant bioplace accepting animals, then Hotel Flora in Frascati is the place. You will restore from the stress of the city, enjoying the genuinity of the hills and eating quality bio food.

If you are looking for massage in the centre, near Trevi Fountain, Piazza Barberini and Via Veneto, then BarberiniHills is the place. As I have special offers I could book for you.

If you are looking for live music, then Rome is really rich in blues and jazz places.

Usually tourist go for Tra stevere, fashion district, Vatican, Colosseum and Imperial area, Piramid, San Paolo cathedral, Gianicolo, Ponte Milvio but do not miss a tour by night.

Choose a view from any terrace.

Do not miss relax and beauty, eating good fish at the sea in Ostia or Fregene or having a couple of hours in TermeRoma.

You can go further to Flirt swingers club for a spicy night outside Rome, or you can choose naturist spa such as Extasia in the Parioli business area.


For gym and wellness: Heaven in Villa Borghese, Parco dei Principi near via Veneto, then Healthcity near Termini and Sporting Palace with pool in the nice Piazza Alessandria area 5 minutes from Termini.


You can visit vineyards outside Rome from Colonna and Montecompatri to Lavinio, have great lunch in the countryard and come back to the city. Colosseum will be there waiting for you as it does since two thousand years. Around colosseum area some nice wine bars. Aventino area for oriental food and Rec23 for live music and cocktails. For small accurate places bistrot style, area Monti near Termini. Any place in Piazza Fiume and Porta Pia area is fine, so it is via del Porto Fluviale.

Three hours: 800. All night up to 5: 1200. All night up to breakfast: 1500. Only 4-5 stars hotel with spa and gym.


For night entertainment, Testaccio all the year and Eur on weekends. In the center, Shari Vari and OSclub.

About cocktails and appetizer in the heart: Zuma at Fendi palace, Jerry Thomas, Race cafè, Nur Bar, La Brasserie, Rosso, Argot. Then Navona area. Near Vatican, la Zanzara and The Dukes in Parioli. Doppiozero in Ostiense.

About music: Auditorium, Teatro Dell’Opera, Auditorium Conciliazione, then jazz, blues and rock places. Cinema: at least three in the center. Special part ies? QUBE for BSM, piazza Cavour and Barberini for Burlesque. Then Brancaccio and Ambra Jovinelli.

Then, what else? Rome is really big. Be focused. Just ask.

About me: I can be with you at dinner and find the place matching your tastes. Suggesting to visit Eataly, Rome offers really any kind of cuisine to delight your stay.

About cocktail bars and DJsets, you have a wide choice, too. Radisson Blu is the most modern with deep house on Thursday and pool on the 7th floor.

Just ask. I can release simple advisory for or escort you during your stay. Just take the time to make the journey an unforgettable journey.

Please submit your specific request to:

Herebelow some afrodisiac recipes fulfilling view, smell and taste, ideal for an erotic dinner.

White Velvet

Bellini variant with white chocolate and almond

Dry Martini variant with Saint Germain and Water Melon

Bellini, Spumante and White Peach, variant with Passion fruit

Salmon, passion fruit, rose pepper

Sweet potato, guacamole with mango, imperial shrimp

When you face an escort, consider that she is as any other professional: she does a job that she has chosen and strives to do it with pleasure, but she does it for money, as any other job. You are not facing a “normal” woman searching seduction, nor a prostitute limiting to sex genitals job. You are facing someone who decided to make business with emotions, including intimate ones.

Do you accept gifts?

Yes, as any other person I accept gifts, but not in place of remuneration.

Do I have to pay to talk with you?

Yes, of course, many people are regularly paid for conversation: dj, customer care, commercial marketing, psychologists.

If you feel intrigued by this blog and wish to hear my voice, you have to pay 60 euro. We can talk of any issue you may like. An escort is good at conversation and has a high level of education.

Can I see more pictures?

Yes, if these pictures are not enough, you can ask me specific pictures. Each photo has a price as it will be taken expressly upon your request. Prices may vary from 150 to 2000 euro or more depending on your request. You will h ave no right of reproduction as the pictures will be intended for your private pleasure only. You will be directed to a webpage where you will insert a password to see the pictures, after having given your personal details.

No pictures for anonymous people. Non disclosure gentlemen agreement by exchanging personal details.

Please, submit your request and I will give you a quotation:

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