I am not a hooker, nor a sugarbaby. I am a professional and an artist.

My proportioned natural athletic body, with no surgery, one tattoo and one piercing is easy adaptable to different outfits as per your desire and my natural inclinations and fun so please choose yours or describe yours. Thank you

Blonde or Black? Rock chic or classy bourgeoisie? How would like me on you?

This is my outfit in lingerie

“I am every woman” used to sing Whitney Houston. Which is the woman that would light the fire of your desire?

Just talk to me and I will become the woman you need for your special event.

I naturally feel as the avatar you see, sweet private or rock chic lady, but thanks to my athletic body I could become other women. I am not tall, but heels make me lovely for any heigth.

This is what makes my job pleasant to me: the creative side, being not only a woman, but trying to be a special woman to give you emotions. I will give a shape, a colour, a dress, a perfume, a taste to your desire. “Nothing holding me back” (Harry Styles), I can be your “sweetest taboo” (Sade). About quotations: my prices stays almost the same, save for special equipment, as I always get prepared for you.

  • One night event 1500 euro.
  • One hour event featuring special character and doing whatever 700 euro net of Vat and travel expenses. PayPal welcome for reservation.
  • One hour inside the city, simple intimacy as classic woman, 500 euro.
  • Couples welcome, 600 one hour, 800 two hours.
  • Groups to be discussed.

Then, special gifts will be appreciated as manifestation of satisfaction. Though being a luxury service, not a primary, basic prices can be negotiation upon specific request. Please submit your offer and needs, I will take them into serious consideration.

My pictures are home made and selfies to grant you the maximum fidelity to reality. Lights are not perfect. Positions are not perfect. The body is real. Pictures may not be the sexiest ones, but intimacy and eros is something raising also from voice,eyes, smile. Appreciation for the body is the first step to eros experince.

Thank you for being challenging.


Real simple pictures


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