If you like my body, I can disclose you how I got it, as I am not twenty and I understand the aging factor. This makes me a serious professional.

According to an ancient saying, Body is the result of our work up to present. Mind is the future, breathing and moving connect them. “Body and Soul” have their own ways to get and keep connected.

Anybody wanting to separate them or to award one against the other will incur in long term disequilibrium events.

I encourage the practising of sports, high intense activities and of the ritual of yoga and other smoothing practices.

You can hire me as wellness coach not only as escort. You have wide possibilities. See

Breathing is essential. You can not successfully manage your mind, your business, your affairs, if you do not manage your breathing and your heart, first.

You may ask me specific questions on sex without meeting me. If you are an unfulfilled wife or husband, talk with me in confidence.

You can choose to pay only for one question or more. Price will be 80 euro for around 1 hour work on my side, chatting or on the phone or writing email.

First telephone call

I will analyze your situation and release you my advisory.